This software provide meteorological and road condition reliable data for decision and monitoring centers. Thanks to agile CRM integrated system it helps to road maintenance entities organize ,systematize and manage maintenance processes especially in winter period. We have invited the best professionals for developing this comprehensive and cost effective solution.

Developing process


During a long period of road weather monitoring system maintenance the idea to develop software that helps to improve maintenance process and reduce expenses has appeared.


Since 2008 three different version of software were developed. We have collected all our experience during maintenance process and applied it in final version of software.


This software has client and server part. All clients divided by permission access so engineering and maintenance staff has it own interface with chosen options and access to different data.


Key features for maintenance engineers are real time monitoring of current devices condition and many other useful information. All these data collected to central server thanks to specially developed communication device.


One of the key advantage is a design. The design was considered to use in make-decision and monitoring centres 24/7 and adapted for human eyes comfort especially in night period.



Our competencies